Inspection Tips for Buyers

Inspection Tips for Buyer

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make, and maybe it is your biggest investment. It is better that you hire a Home Inspector to identify any potential defects or problems with the property. An inspector can assist you in making a good decision when purchasing a home. Otherwise if you want to inspect a home and save a little money make sure you do your own home inspection and note any possible issues by using below check list.

Inside the property

Bathrooms: Check faucet water flow & pressure, sink, plumbing under sink, shower, tub drains properly, toilet functions properly.

Kitchen: Check countertops, sinks, water flow and pipes under sink for leaks and exhaust fan.

Floors, Walls, Ceilings: Check for cracks, damage, water spots and all floors to ensure minimum unevenness, squeaking, cracked/loose tiles.

Windows, Doors: Check windows and doors, for open or close condition and broken glass.

Basement: Check for water leaks on ceiling/floor or any cracks/stains in foundation or in structural wood.

Attic: Check for structural and water damage and also for proper insulation and ventilation.

Plumbing: Check for rust on water heater and for damaged/leaking pipes, check for lead, galvanize or copper pipe.

Electrical: Check all wiring is in good condition, and there are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in kitchen and bathrooms. The main electrical panel must be easily accessible.

Outside of Property

Driveway, Grounds: Check for uneven portions of driveway, large cracks and standing water

Exterior Surfaces: Look for cracks, decay in siding or any stains or paint flaking on exterior surfaces

Roof: check for cracks or missing shingles Condition of gutters and chimney



Inspection Tip for Seller

If you want to sell your property, we suggest you use this check list and inspect your house before the buyer inspector come to your property.

  1. Remove all the dirt and landscaping material and stored items from the property.


  1. Check the siding and repair any missing caulking or damaged weather stripping around doors, windows.
  2. Ensure all exterior and interior doors ,windows are operating properly.
  3. Use a pressure washer, broom or blower and clean all moss and debris off the roof and out gutters.
  4. Check the garage door opener.
  5. Check for leaks under the sinks and around the faucets, floor damage around toilets and adjacent to tubs and showers.  Make sure that all grout and caulking is in good condition.
  6. Check to be sure all appliances are working properly.
  7. Make sure smoke detectors are in place and working.
  8. Check all light switches and replace any burned out lights.
  9. Inspect your water heater and any plumbing for any leaking or damage and Repair it.
  10. Check your furnace filter and change it.

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